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New Mexico

Back in the fall I took one day to make a loop through the Jemez.  This is a favorite day trip of mine and each time I get to see a little something new.  This time I took a side road up to see some tunnels through a steep pass that I’d never been out to see before.

Here’s a deep red mud puddle after a rain.
One of my favorite petroglyphs on part of Bandelier.
More petroglyphs
Friendly spider crossing the road
Albuquerque knows how to do sunsets
The color on this truck was amazing: no editing!
Fall colors in the Jemez
Final sunset with the city lights below
Mountains near the train tunnels

2 thoughts on “New Mexico

  1. Those sunsets, the truck, and those yellow shrubs with the reddish hills in the backdrop and blue sky are gorgeous!!! (It’s amazing you got three primary colors to predominate in one shot.)

    1. I really love New Mexico. Of course it’s kinda pretty up here too.

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