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Seascape Kayak – Quick Update

Using the right tools and some WD-40 I managed to get the rudder apart.  Here are the metal pieces that need to be straightened.

And here is the critical central plastic piece that holds the rudder to the boat and allows the blade to slide up and down.  It’s seen better days.  I’m going to see if my Maker friends can cut a new one or if we need to purchase it from the manufacturer.

I’m currently researching the deck cording to see if I can do better than $.50 per foot.

2 thoughts on “Seascape Kayak – Quick Update

  1. Hmm. . . .If Maker friends can’t help, the thought occurs that the school has a 3D printer and you have creative children who might need a project?
    (BTW, I love seeing this kayak get a bit of attention and maybe a whole new cycle of usefulness. So much better than just giving up on her.)

    1. The plastic used by the (standard) 3-D printers might be too brittle for this application, but I’m very excited by the idea of custom printing parts for things that break. I will find a way!

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