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Round bars and solid lotion

I intended to make two soaps today but I wound up not having the time.  Instead I’ve been working on packaging and tried making a few solid lotion bars as a test.  First, the new label pattern.

This may be a little dark, but I wanted something “citrus” themed for the label background for the “Tropical Citrus” soap.  I like the almost glass-like look of the cut fruit.  (My printer only does black and white).

Then I moved on to wrapping and labeling the round shampoo bars.  These are my first label mockups. I learned that I have to put the label on the flat side (the top is bumpier than the bottom).  Below that are my 4 tiny solid lotion bars to test out.  They are made with shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

2 thoughts on “Round bars and solid lotion

  1. What sort of paper are you using for the wrap? Would oil soak through?

    1. It’s an unbleached coffee filter (compostable!). So yes, oil can soak through but I doubt the soap or lotion bars will be wet enough to cause a problem. I’ll let them sit for a while and make sure.

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