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February Soaps

I’m cheating a little.  I didn’t make all of these soaps just now, but I did re-take all my photos of them.  The Sandalwood & Rose clay is a new soap.  I was experimenting with madder root for color, thinking I’d get a pale pink and wanted a darker red swirl inside it.  That was the plan… but I had some separation from high temperatures and wound up having to hot process the soap and the swirl was destroyed.  C’est la vie.  On the plus side, it will be ready to use much sooner.   I still want this to count as something creative, but is it 1 new thing (sandalwood soap), 2 new things (soap & photos) or 7 new things? (soap + 6 photos?)  I’ll go for 2.  #21-22/365.

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