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The 365 Something Creative Challenge

This is the beginning. What does it mean? Well, it’s pretty simple. Over the course of the 365 days of 2018 do something creative, on average, once per day. Of course the idea is taken from a friend and started here. I’m interested primarily in photography and prettying up my soap. I’m starting late so I need to catch up.

3 thoughts on “The 365 Something Creative Challenge

  1. Looking good! A strong start!

    1. I’m spending a lot of time not being able to find where components of the site are, but it’s coming along. Next I’ll figure out how to link to other blogs. And maybe I should decide if I want to keep the name as-is!

      1. It all comes with time. 🙂 You are doing well with a fairly steep learning curve. And then it’s all second nature.

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